Why You Should Use a Panama Company

When it comes to finding the right place to select a jurisdiction that is offshore and offers excellent financial incentives, choosing a Panama Company makes the most sense for those in the Western Hemisphere. The country of Panama has set up very favorable financial laws, rules and regulations that really help businesses from the outside make the most of their profit margins.

There are a number of reasons why choosing a Panama Company makes sense for what your business is trying to achieve, particularly if you are running a growing corporation that has worldwide interests.

  • Great Fiscal Platform
  • Favorable Laws for Incorporation
  • Stable Government, Currency and Economy
  • Top Notch Banking & Communications
  • Free of Typical Natural Disasters
  • Close & Time Zone Compatible

All of these advantages translate to North American businesses the fact that Panama has established itself over the past few decades as one of the leading places for businesses to incorporate thanks to the very favorable laws, infrastructure and close proximity to North and South America.


Benefits & Advantages

From the set of financial standards that Panama has set up, businesses can find many benefits and advantages to establishing their corporations in this marvelous country.

Favorable Tax Structure: The first and foremost reason that many businesses come to use a Panama Company is the lack of the many taxes that burden corporations when they set up in many other countries.

  • No offshore income, property or sales tax
  • No capital gains or interest income tax
  • No tax when corporate shares are issued
  • No estate, gift or stamp tax and more

In fact, the list is very long on the taxes that Panama does not charge which means that businesses start up in a very favorable situation.

Emphasis on Favorable Incorporation Laws: Over a half million corporations and foundations are registered in Panama, second only to Hong Kong. With no citizenship or reporting requirements, a Panama Company has free reign to do what is best for its customers and stockholders to ensure that they serve their needs.

US Dollar: Panama uses the US dollar as legal tender which offers great stability and discipline that has helped keep inflation in the country quite low. Plus, there are no currency exchange controls which include no restrictions so that money can flow into and out from the country with no restrictions.

Secrecy: In addition to having some of the best banking laws in the world, Panama also retains one of the best, most secure offshore financial centers as well which places confidentiality above all. This means that companies can conduct their financial transactions without having their records scrutinized by outside agencies.

Overall, selecting a Panama Company offers your business tremendous advantages that can help grown your business exponentially around the world. The combination of a very favorable tax structure along with an excellent banking system has made Panama the place for companies around the world to set up shop and do business.