How to buy an EU citizenship by Investing in Malta

When it comes to knowing how to buy EU citizenship, the important question is just which country in the European Union offers the best and easiest path. Of the many countries that offer different paths to citizenship, there is only one that offers an investment program as a viable consideration. The tiny island of Malta located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea provides a pathway to citizenship in the EU that is unmatched by any other country in the union.

The reasoning behind this particular form of citizenship allows applicants to become part of the European Union in a very short timeframe. While a genuine connection to the country must be demonstrated, this investment program allows for applicants to become citizens in Malta and reap the benefits as a result.

The system itself is fashioned after the European Court of Justice which provides for a connection that is personal, philanthropic, social and commercial as well thanks to the investment requirements. A person who applies must have at least one year’s residency before they can take the next step.

Why Choose Malta?

There are a number of reasons why Malta has become the place where so many people have become naturalizes citizens. While the most obvious reason is that Malta offers a fairly quick path to citizenship, there is the beauty of the island and the unique Maltese culture that has attracted tourists from all over the world.

Malta has played an important role in world events over the past several hundred years and its unique combination of military history, friendly banking environment and location which is just south of Sicily has helped this island nation remain a major player in Europe and being a part of the European Union has created a unique opportunity for those who wish to become citizens of the EU have found arguably the best country to start their journey.

Why Choose a Lawyer to Assist With Resident Status

There are a number of reasons why a lawyer is the best way to proceed rather than a service provider. While becoming a citizen of the EU is something that is relatively simple and straightforward in Malta, a lawyer can provide you with more guidance than what a service provider offers.

Legal Council: Having the best legal advice and guidance through this process will ensure that you are following the right path to citizenship. This means that you can rest assured that everything will go as smoothly as possible.

Experience: There are a number of advantages to taking a lawyer who has handled many different clients who became citizens. Although service providers understand the system, only a lawyer can use their experience and knowledge to gauge the legal aspects of citizenship.

Unexpected: Although fairly rare in occurrence, there will be occasions when legal issues may arise that only a lawyer can handle. While a service provider can only stand on the sidelines, you will have a full fledged lawyer fighting for your rights in case something unexpected arises.

Having an experience Malta lawyer skilled in the rules and regulations of becoming a citizen may be the most important step you take when becoming a citizen.

How to Apply for Residency Status

In order to apply to become a resident of Malta, you will need to complete a one year residency requirement. This single year requirement is generally less than some other European nations, but the added incentive is that the investment part provides a faster track.

Deposit: When taking the investment route to becoming a citizen, a minimum contribution of €1.15 million is required in the initial stage. You will also need €5,000 for the applicant and an additional €1,000 for each dependent. This occurs during the initial day that you qualify for becoming a citizen of the EU.

Formal Application: On the next day, you will formally submit your application through the proper channels along with the correct supporting documents as well. On this day you will be required to pay some of the fees associated with becoming a citizen that includes the following;

  • Diligence Fees
  • Passport Fees
  • €10,000 Deposit
  • Evidence of the Source of Funds

In addition, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age as well. In this manner, only adults may become citizens of Malta and thus buy EU citizenship as well.

Confirmation of Documents: During this time period there is a confirmation of all the documents and fees that have been presented. It is a formal process, but a fairly short one to ensure that everything is in order. This may not be the end of this part of the process if there are questions or more time needed to verify the documents. This is where having a lawyer to help in the proceedings can be crucial to your success.

Conditional Approval: This is part of the process where you receive approval for your application on a provisional basis. This is simply part of the process and will need to be endured before the next step can be taken.

Formal Contribution Request: This is the point where the balance of what is due must be paid. In this manner, you can complete all the financial requirements to buy EU citizenship and start the last part of the process.

Purchase or Rent Property: Here you must show proof that you have either purchased or are renting property in Malta. This must be proved evidence of a deed or lease agreement. This is generally part of the investment process as well, but you can discuss with your Malta lawyer all the details that are needed to fulfill this part of the overall process.

Issue of the Certificate of Naturalization: At this point, you will receive your Certificate of Naturalization which completes your path to become a citizen of Malta and thus a citizen of the EU. There is an Oath of Allegiance that you must take, but now you are a part of the wonderful culture and history of Malta and can now enjoy all the fruits of being a citizen.

Grounds for Being Refused

While the process is a simple and straightforward one, there are conditions that have to be met before you can become a citizen of the EU in Malta. Not everyone can become a citizen, so you will need to know what is expected before you can become part of the country.

  • No Criminal Record or Subject of Criminal Record
  • No False Information
  • Do Not Pose a National Security Threat
  • Denied Visa to a Country
  • Probably Threat to Cause Disrepute to the Island of Malta

However, the government of Malta does hold final say over anyone who wants to become a citizen of their country, so it is possible that an applicant may be refused on any grounds. However, the government of Malta is generous and welcomes in new citizens who meet the standards and follow the laws, rules and regulations of the process. There may be special circumstances that will require the Minister to make approvals for applications to become a citizen.

If you are not refused and become a citizen of Malta, your status can still be revoked if you break any of the following laws.

  • Acquiring Citizenship via means of Fraud
  • Concealment of Material Facts in Becoming a Citizen
  • Demonstrating Disloyalty towards the Government
  • Engaging in Unlawful Activities
  • Committing Treason by Assisting Enemies in a Time of War

Revoking citizenship is a rare occurrence outside providing false information in obtaining your citizenship. Therefore, when you buy EU citizenship you will need to be aware of all the laws, rule and regulations of the nation of Malta as well as respect for the government.

The advantages of becoming a citizen of the EU are considerable, especially for investors who are looking to take advantage of the many offerings the European Union provides. In addition, Malta is the perfect place to find residency as well as being one of the most striking islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

With its unique combination of old world values with modern sensibilities, many of the Maltese people enjoy living a lifestyle that offers surroundings of a beautiful sea with year-round warm weather conditions. Reflecting the rich history of the island, there are plenty of forts that stand as reminders of just how important and powerful the famed Knights of Malta were during the development of the modern European culture. Today, the business emphasis on financial prosperity has made this nation one that delivers results for many investors.

Having a lawyer by your side will provide you with all the information necessary to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. You should not take chances with a service provider who can only go so far in helping you buy EU citizenship. Be sure to find the right lawyer who is skilled in the naturalization process so that you can begin your journey towards becoming a citizen of the EU.

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