The Maltese Companies Act

The law enlists several types of Maltese corporate entities or commercial partnerships that may be established. In the private sector these are:

  • Private Limited Liability Companies (LTDs)
  • Branch of a foreign company,
  • Partnership en nom collectif,
  • Partnership en commandite


Private Limited Liability Companies

 This is the most popular organization considered by startups as a single entity established alone or together with a combination of another Maltese Holding company as part of a larger structure which may involve foreign shareholding, which in turn could be private or corporate. We are also able to assist with the incorporation of foreign entities in your desired jurisdiction: Belize, BVI, Seychelles etc.

 The incorporation of a company in Malta, is a smooth process which will typically require between one to three working days from the presentation of the pertinent documentation to the Maltese Registry of Companies. At we are onhand to discuss your requirements for a fully functioning set up in the least amount of time.

Structural Set up requirements

Director: A company in Malta must have at least one director. The director need not be a Maltese national and may be a body corporate. In contrast to UK requirements, the corporate director may be appointed alone.

Company Secretary: A Maltese company must have an approved company secretary.

Registered Office: a Maltese company requires the use of a registered office address within the Maltese Islands.

Shares: A Maltese company may have different types or classes of shares, regulating the rights attributable to the Shareholders. The minimum authorised share capital is just under €1,200, 20% paid up, with no maximum limit.

Documentation: The constitution of the company. This sets out the objectives and other formalities and is an essential part of the incorporation process. This constitution must be presented together with supporting personal documentation as required.

Company Formation Assistance

 We are here to assist you with the following services in relation to the incorporation and maintenance of Malta companies:

Registered office services;

Company secretary services.

Directorship services;

Review of documents for client due diligence purposes;

Advice in relation to Memorandum and Articles of Association and particular clauses which need to be included depending on the circumstances;

Registration with the Malta Registry of Companies;

Annual management and administration;

Registration with Malta tax authorities;

Application for VAT Number (where applicable);

Opening of a bank accounts in the name of the company;

Submission of the incorporation and KYC documentation to regularise the bank account;

Overall guidance and assistance with related queries.