When it comes to establishing your business, particularly one that produces some types of products getting a proper trademark is a basic element of you business efforts. Around the world, untold thousands of businesses have registered trademarks that are seen on all of their products and marketing efforts as well.

Getting a trademark means registering it in a country that provides you with worldwide recognition as well as the inherent advantages that owning it provides. This is why you should consider to register trademark in Malta, a country that is universally recognized and respected for many things, including issuing proper trademarks.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a sign, symbol, element or works that indicates the ownership of properties that are developed by an individual, group or company. Trademarks are used to distinguish the goods or products developed by one source from another. On virtually all products that are manufactured and sold, you will see a trademark indication which shows who owns the property.

Trademarks are used to protect property from infringement from sources outside the manufacturer or producer. When used properly, they represent the most powerful form of protection for the company and the products that they create, produce and market.

How to Register Trademark in Malta

There are a number of steps that you will need to take, but the process itself is fairly straightforward. It starts with a simple application to register a trademark that must be sent to the Comptroller. The applications must fulfill all the requirements set for to qualify for a trademark.

  • Name & Address of Applicant
  • Name & Address of Attorney Filing Trademark Registration
  • Request for Registration of Trademark
  • Good & Services in Relation to Registering Trademark
  • Representation of Trademark
  • Any Claim of Priority if Applicant wishes to use Earlier Application
  • Indications that if the Trademark is used, it is with the Consent of the Owner
  • Statement of Colors being used in Trademark
  • Inclusion of all appropriate Fees

Once the trademark has been processed and approved, the owner has exclusive rights to use the trademark. Basically, once the trademark has been officially recognized as belonging to a particular company, it cannot be used by another company or party unless permission has been given in the appropriate manner. Furthermore, no trademark may exist which may be deemed too similar to an officially registered one with the priority placed on when the trademarks were officially recognized by the government of Malta.

What You Need to Know about Trademarks

The question of whether you should register a trademark in Malta is a relatively easy one, but whether you should get a trademark in the first place may be somewhat unclear.

For many businesses, especially those starting out, registering a trademark should be one of the first steps taken once the company is formed. There are a number of reasons why you should get a trademark registered for the protection of the physical and intellectual aspects of what your company produces. Remember that trademarks can be your business name, logo, slogan, symbol or anything that will be recognized by the authorities in Malta and every other country as your property.

Protect Assets: A trademark established intellectual protection of the products being produced from your company. Having a trademark means that you can rightfully sue any company that uses, sells and makes profit off of your products without consent. Without a trademark, you are at the mercy of common law which is more difficult to prove in court when it comes to the ownership of property. Suing for infringement is far easier when you have trademark protection for your assets.

Protect Reputation: If a company markets inferior products that use your brand, they can damage your business reputation. A trademark will separate your property from those who are profiting by using the reputation of your company to sell their products. This means when you take them to court, having a trademark will offer a clear establishment of your intellectual property which in turn makes it far easier for you to win the case.

In addition, you can use your trademark which should be proudly displayed on your products as a way for customers to identify the real thing from the cheap imitations. Even if the counterfeit products are of decent or even good quality, your reputation is being tarnished as long as they are being produced.

It is possible in the process that some outside company may oppose the registration of your trademark. In most cases, it is because the trademark too closely resembles their own and thus confusion will occur especially if you sell the same or similar products. When registering a trademark in Malta, it pays to do the research which can help avoid this confusion. Hiring an experienced law firm in these matters will help when it comes to having all the information necessary to successfully register. When you start the registration process, searches can be carried out across the European Union (EU) to verify if there are trademarks that are identical or very similar to the one you want to register.

Once your trademark is published, there will be a period of time when others can file an opposition which means that your trademark will be challenged. However, if that period of time passes, then your trademark is set and will continue until the time of renewal. This will mean that you should be able to use your trademark freely and without complication for that period of time.

When it comes to setting up your business and protecting your brand, it is vital that you register a trademark in Malta. Our services are designed to help you with the entire process from start to finish. From the initial research to finding the right class and each step along the way until the trademark itself is registered in Malta and also in Europe and the USA, we have the knowledge, resources and experience to ensure that your registration goes as smoothly as possible.