Kristjan Farrugia

“Dr. Magro Axelsson has become our go to person for any legal consultation. Sharp, meticulous and willingness to help make her the obvious choice. I definitely recommend her services and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

David Seisun

“Dr. Nicola is no ordinary lawyer for Sixteen Limited, in today’s fast moving business world we can no longer afford a lot of time wasting on this and that and Dr Nicola makes that a reality. We have been using her services as from conception and are pleased with all the services she gives us but mostly pleased with the way she gives her services. Just by sending an email she understands the business situation and finds a solution not just legally but also practically. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone requiring any legal and business advise in Malta. If she can’t help you, no one can!”

Dominic Calleja

Nicola is proving to be one of the most professional and capable Lawyers I have ever met. Readily available to listen and to help out. Highly recommended.


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